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Little people need little ponies and patient teachers. Our little riders are started by miss Jessie who spends nearly every minute with kids. she takes great pride in watching her students progress from lead liners learning their "one-twos" to short stirrup riders getting the hang of a simple course.

Lessons for Little ones

Miss marti takes riders ready to move up as far as they would like to go.  whether your student is shooting for the "big Eq" ring, pony jumpers or the hunter ring, miss marti's extensive background can help them get there. 

Intermediate to advanced lessons


Our riders aren't just here to ride. starting from the first lesson we try to instill basic horsemanship knowledge into our riders whether its from question time at the end of each lesson or from a Friday night horsemanship class, there is always something to be learned.
Ground lessons teach students how to handle ponies and horses on the ground, from basic grooming and tacking up to bathing, basic first aid and tack maintenance. 
once a month we host a horsemanship night. for two hours students learn all about the animals they love in a fun, friendly, encouraging environment where they are invited to participate and ask questions. we could be learning nutrition, deworming programs or how to wrap a horse's legs. the best part is we do it all together. it's a great way for the kids to get to know each other.

more than riding.  education.